…What do you mean this is not what happened in the movie?

We mustn’t have been in the same movie theater.


Well done, dovahkiin.

May i present you…The Frozen Beast”. (Part 1/?)

And the Red Fox is back! This is totally canon in my head, if you haven’t noticed. Now i just lack werewolf!Hans and maybe some Potter!AU with a fox patronus. Otherwise, that’s just his nickname. 

I’ve been having a terrible art-block towards a commission, so i thought "what should i do to relax my brain and still do something cool?" (senpai advice: not drawing is not an option, NEVER do that), and then this happened. It was only 3 screens in the beginning…but who am i kidding, crossing B&B with Hanna has been a dream of mine for AGES, so this was the perfect opportunity to do it. I had to ignore some other screens, though…*looks at them lovingly*

For those interested in the narrative-adaptation, please read below the cut. Many things had to be changed for this to work.

I’m still lacking several concepts that i would love to draw for this, but lets see when i have the time to tackle them. NOTE: before anyone comes nagging me about “changing the clothing in the screens, because i criticized other artists before for not doing that”, i will bluntly say that 1) these are only experiments & nothing final, 2) i have better things to do than alter with 100% accuracy all the elements present, 3) the correct clothing and character design is present in the studies below, so imagine those clothes on them. Many thank.

Okay! Now that’s out of the way, lets begin our tale…*cleans her throat*

Once upon a time…

There was a far away castle ruled by 13 princes. They were just and loving, adored by their people. However, the 13th brother wanted to rule the kingdom, to prove to his brothers that he could also be of value, and his jealousy grew everyday.

One day, at night, an old woman came to the castle. Since Hans was awake he received her, yet a little annoyed by her untimely arrival. She asked if he would be so kind to let her warm herself next to the fireplace, and he denied the request.

She insisted several times, but Hans wouldn’t allow such liberties, much less from a commoner. However, when the woman said that if he let her in, she would tell him a secret that would help him rule the kingdom by himself, Hans looked surprised at her and promptly opened the door. A sudden blast of light startled the prince and he bumped against a statue, shattering it loudly against the cold floor. The ruckus awakened the remaining princes, and they all run towards the door, shocked with the scene before them.

The old woman turned into a beautiful and imposing sorceress, looming ever so menacingly over Hans.

"A prince that values his ambitions more than his people is not meant to be king….much less one that only takes interest in those who can give him something in exchange for his kindness. Your heart never experienced true love and altruism…but i can’t blame you." she looks straight at the remaining brothers.

"A lesson must be taught. You, heartless prince, shall be granted your deepest wish: to be the sole ruler of this kingdom. But you will do it in your true skin…Because you think yourself so smart, let me choose an appearance that fits your wits.” She casts the spell on Hans, and he slowly turns into a massive red beast.

"It was due to your neglect that your brother became like this, cold and calculating…" she waves her hand and Hans’s brothers are projected towards several paintings, whilst being magically trapped inside, "…So you may spend an eternity looking only at your brother, while he freezes to death."

She started to leave the castle when a deep voice echoed in the hall.

"W-wait…" Hans retorted, trying to raise himself from the ground, "What do you mean freeze to death? I’m going…to die? Is there no way to solve this curse?"

"Please…" he begged.

"Every day your heart will turn colder and colder…until you freeze completely. Here, let me show you." she raised her hand towards the ground and with a swift movement a giant mirror emerged from thin air. Hans eyed his appearance, and he could see it…a blue light shined from the spot where his heart resided, his fur tainted with a very small frozen shape…a blue heart. "The mirror will tell you how much time you have. It will conceal your growing curse, so to the naked eye you will only look…like a giant red beast." she smiled wickedly, "Consider it a gift."

Hans didn’t reply, and slipped a clawed hand over his chest.

"The only way to break this spell is for you to care for someone without interests attached, and to be loved back, of course." she danced in the air, looking mockingly at him "After all…only true love can thaw a frozen heart."

As the years passed, he fell into despair, and lost all hope, for who could ever learn to love a beast?

After deciding Hans’s curse, it was easier to make the remaining alterations, while trying to create a parallelism with Frozen:

Anna would live with Elsa in a humble house, where both of them worked  as seamstresses (Anna is terrible at it, her patience doesn’t allow elaborate works from her part, so she prefers to sustain them both and hunt with her bow). Kristoff would visit them regularly and his considerable crush on Anna would still be applied in this AU. He would most probably be a hunter too (maybe why he fell in love with Anna in the first place).

Elsa would travel to deliver some clothes and embroidered fabrics in another town, so she would leave Anna behind and engross in the depths of the forest.

Just like in the canon tale, she would lose herself, and then try to find shelter in the abandoned castle. Hans would find her, take her to the dungeons and claim that she would stay there forever (which means, Hans would try to fancy her in hopes of turning back into his human-self). However, when Anna arrives to the castle and finds her sister, she wishes to trade places with her, because Elsa has a very frail health and is getting sick (and the irony is that she doesn’t deal with the cold very well, ahahah). Taken by her suggestion (he still doesn’t understand well  the concept of sacrifice and sibling love), he accepts, and some transformed servants take her to his carriage.

Anna doesn’t resemble Belle at all, and she would spend her stay arguing with Hans constantly, defying him and, occasionally, snooping every room of the castle.

Anna: "You have a castle, big deal, i have a house too!"

Hans: "…does it stand on its own?"

Anna: "Ahah, very funny. Yes, it does and it’s much cozier than this museum, just so you know."

Hans: "Fine! Then go ahead and STARVE!!!"

Anna: "For your information i’m a hunter, so i don’t need your fancy food, you dumb fox."

Hans: "Ugh, you are INSUFFERABLE!"

Anna: "And you are a jerk, so what are we going to do about it?"

But behind that hard facade, Anna would still feel a bit scared of him, and roam his castle for some food. That’s how she would meet his brothers, who followed her steps from the castle’s paintings. Once she told them she was hungry, they would order the servants to prepare everything for her, and to move a giant canvas to the kitchen, so they could all make her company (can you imagine these guys all pilled up inside a painting, shoving each other to the side so they can talk with Anna? The womanizer is constantly pushed back, however, because he insists on flirting with her, and his brothers are trying to break the curse).

They would lie to her, and say that they were the original rulers of the castle, but  Hans, their butler, was now in charge of it because they couldn’t leave the paintings (that way Anna would never look at him like royalty or anything related to wealth). When she went to sleep, they would inform every element of the castle that Hans was not supposed to be a prince, and to keep that charade for a while.

Meanwhile, Elsa was home, trying to heal herself thanks to Kristoff’s care. She would mumble constantly about Anna and a beast, and he would think that the fever was affecting her notion of reality, making her delirious. Since she was a very reserved person (and a very independent one, which was not very well accepted at the time), nobody came to aid her.

In the castle, instead of giving Anna a giant library, Hans would open one of his biggest rooms for her, because she said that she always wanted to slide through long halls (like the ice she couldn’t skate because they couldn’t risk Elsa getting sick). Snow-fights still apply and the only alteration would be the tale-reading-time: unlike Hans, Anna doesn’t know how to read very well, so he would be the one to teach her. Hans might be a beast, but he is a VERY fancy fox, and maintains his royal behavior mostly unaltered, excluding when he’s mad or playing around with Anna. 

★ She would also show him her archery skills, and once in a while hunt something for the cook to prepare. Everyday he finds her more fascinating and fun. He also jests a bit, saying that if she remembered to bring her bow the first time she ran away, he wouldn’t have to damage his beautiful skin trying to protect her butt from those savage canines.

My guilty pleasure is having Hans’s brothers taking turns inside a painting while he bathes, giving him advice in how to woo Anna; and the twins trying to see her naked or in her undergarments, which makes her toss all the paintings from her room into the hall.

"Tell her she’s a great hunter!" the bounty-hunter yelled.

"No, god, Hans you got to use your charms. Some candles, a bottle of wine…", the womanizer retorted suggestively.

"You are all crazy, tell her that her horse is majestic!" states the vet, excitedly.

"Have any of you ever been with a woman?! You have to tell her she’s beautiful!" the oldest twin said a bit exasperated.

After the oh-so-romantic-ball, Anna tells Hans that she would love to see Elsa again, and that she was concerned about her sister’s health. Realizing that he truly was in love with her, he would allow it. When Anna reaches the village Elsa is very sick and she stays with her for several days.

In the castle, Hans wonders if Anna is ever coming back, and looks at the mirror. His fur is almost all white now, tiny ice shards adorning his chest. Honestly he doesn’t care anymore, because if she doesn’t come back there is no point in enduring all of that.

When Elsa is restored to her full health, Anna informs that she needs to return to the castle, and Kristoff asks her what is she talking about. Anna confesses that she had been living with the beast as her guest, and even if he was rude and mean at the beginning…now he was loving and she cared about him. And that she promised she would come back. Concerned (and perhaps a bit jealous?) he recalls Elsa’s words when she was delirious and assumes that both girls are under a spell, cast by the beast. He locks them on their house and calls the remaining villagers to attack the beast’s castle.

★ Unnerved by the whole situation, both girls try to break free and dash towards the castle. During the battle, Kristoff wounds Hans, and when he is about to kill him, Anna takes her bow and shoots an arrow at Kristoff, as a warning. When Hans notices that she came back, he starts to fight back Kristoff, and Anna leaves Elsa behind in their horse so that she can avoid a disaster.

However, the curse is reaching it’s final stage and Hans isn’t in condition to fight, so when Kristoff is about to overpower him, Anna stands between the two. She feels his cold breath on her neck, his inability no move, but she doesn’t understand why he’s so sick…he looks normal. He stumbles on the floor, grasping his chest.

Elsa runs towards the scene, avoiding the enchanted servants and townspeople…but she stumbles inside the beast’s room, and goes against Hans’s magic mirror. It shatters into thousands of pieces and at the same time, Hans true state is revealed to Anna and Kristoff. 

Hans is slowly freezing in place (just like Anna was on Frozen) and the girl stares at him in awe, tears in her eyes, because not even one glimpse of his red fur is visible. He’s now a white beast, tiny ice shards shining ever so slightly over his body, his eyes almost blue…with snowflakes adorning them.

When he thanks her for coming back, so he could see her one last time, he freezes entirely, while petting her face (in my head he would make a GORGEOUS statue, a glorious ice beast grabbing his chest with one hand and with one arm stretched to caress her face…i love my drama :D). His brothers would look heartbroken, and Anna would toss herself over his neck, asking him to come back.

★ AND as the classic tale goes…when she confesses that she loves him, the curse is broken, and the ice shatters revealing a human Hans inside. Kisses, hugs and much love going on, his brothers coming out of the paintings… and the truth is out.

Anna: "Wait…I’ve seen your face before…that painting…

Anna: "Are you…?"

Hans: "A prince?"

★ Anna feels embarrassed and nervously recalls that she’s a hunter, and a very bad seamstress, which only makes Hans laugh and tell her that once she’s a princess she does’t need to pick up another needle in her life…if she accepted to marry him, of course. And that she can hunt all she wants, whenever she feels like it.

They have a big party, awesome wedding, Elsa comes live with them, Kristoff visits frequently with Sven and BIG HAPPY ENDING. *confetti*

Well, some of you must be really happy for finally seeing something 100% disney coming from my hands, ahahah. Sorry for the crappy pixels on the screens, but my movie isn’t HD, so i only smoothed and altered the parts that were needed. Oh, the Hans painting was SUPER fun to alter, his facial structure is extremely different from Adam’s, but i tried to maintain the same style. Who’s the most charming prince of them all? *smooch smooch*

Stay Basted!