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I don’t think I remember doing a picture with so many different noses, hairstyles and body-shapes in it. i’m glad they are ‘just’ 13 because I was starting to lack ideas for those noses! GEEESH.

And the hardest part of the character design was to make them all different but still similar enough to look like they are bothers. As if designing independent characters wasn’t hard enough >_>

I have a love-hate relationship with group pictures. Hate to do them, love to see the final results. *looks at the fruits of her labor* Yup, I dig it.

Okay! So this is my headcanon for the Westergard family! 

It is rather usual for everyone to assume that Hans’s brothers were cruel and bullied him frequently, but…sometimes neglect is the worse kind of abuse. Physical pain can be more tolerable than psychological pain, and I think that his brothers didn’t exclude Hans from their lives with the actual purpose of hurting him. I really think that they all suffered from the same predicament: the constant hunt to find their purpose in the kingdom of the Southern Isles. The problem was that Hans came too late, and when he wanted to show that he was good enough and could be of value, all the positions were taken. So, let’s analyse each brother, one by one.

While discussing the plot with Nanofemur, she stipulated that their mother could have started ‘procreating’  at a really young age (like 16-17), which would give us a doable pregnancy-timeline for 23 years (without risking her life…much).

I - [Age: 46] The older brother, king of the Southern Isles. He was the busiest of all brothers, expectations and future responsibilities already piled on his shoulders at young age. He’s a very family-oriented person, and wished to spend more time with his brothers, [e]specially Hans (he could see how the constant solitude was affecting him, but every time he tried to reach for him something always came between them - responsibilities, lessons, trips, misadventures). He has a really strong connection with the II brother, accustomed to playing with and taking care of him when they were infants. He’s very kind and patient, and avoids drastic measures at all costs.

II - [Age: 44] The second son, the spare and the adviser. He couldn’t care less about knowing how to rule a kingdom, if it wasn’t for the constant company of his older brother. He rules right next to him, as his most trusted adviser. Still, he doesn’t like his royal responsibilities and has a terrible jealousy of his VIII brother. He wanted to sail, live a carefree life…but he will never admit it publicly. He knows that his brothers would do anything to be in his shoes, and he feels like he’s betraying them by having such selfish thoughts. So, to hide those feelings, he adopted a joyful/joker posture (which annoys THE HELL out of the III brother).

III - [Age: 40] The Admiral. He’s the most uptight, serious and responsible of all brothers (the II brother says that he lives his life too seriously, and should just relax & have some much-needed fun). He controls the Southern Isles naval fleet, and has been awarded several times for his impressive deeds at high-seas (his brothers joke with the fact that he seems to be collecting medals like stamps, which will result in a very deadly look at each of them and a “If you were more inclined in doing your jobs correctly, I wouldn’t be the only one to ‘collect’ distinctions.”) Unlike the first son, he has a very fiery temper, and does not tolerate lack of etiquette or any type of scandal associated with their family. 

IV - [Age: 38] The entrepreneur. Behind that joyful and playful posture, resides a very seductive man. He’s adored by several noble ladies, almost competing with his VI brother’s misadventures. Still, his heart was once stolen by the art of trade and business, followed by the pleasure of eating and drinking. He finds great joy in selling the finest goods from his country. He loves to tell jokes, and spends a good amount of time with his V brother (I think their mutual love for business / profit brought them together like butter and bread). He really dislikes grumpy people, but tries to dig into their shells every time.

V - [Age: 36] The accountant. This brother loves order, logic, perfection and silence. Since he was very young he was always of frail health, which made him stay indoors often. He soon grew to enjoy it, due to his terrible allergies (pollen, dust and some types of food). Even if he likes flowers, he can’t stand to be next to them without going into a sneezing spree. Being a brilliant mathematician, he realized that he could aid greatly by managing the kingdom’s finances and investments. One of his favorite hobbies is to play chess. He’s also very austere and shy, making his conversations with the opposite gender something hilarious to behold.

VI - [Age: 34] The womanizer & external-affairs brother. He’s the kingdom’s socialite - he loves parties, chatting, dancing - but he’s also a very conniving person…able to steal secrets very easily. He doesn’t take his responsibilities very seriously, but he’s able to complete his duties without much effort. He has a strong connection with his VII brother, even if they are constantly bickering about the way he deals with his life (a man of his position and skill cannot have emotional ties with any woman, something that his brother strongly believes). Note: I wanted him to have an affair with an exotic foreign woman (maybe indian?), one of the few that didn’t fall for his charms.

VII - [Age: 33] The internal-affairs prince. Just like the king, he has a very kind and easygoing attitude. Much like Hans, this prince faced the lack of a purpose in his home, so he constantly visited the town’s folk (partying with them at taverns, town’s balls,…) to feel more accompanied and happy (he liked being a prince, but the simple life of his servants attracted him greatly).This behavior didn’t go unnoticed by his older brother, who updated his status due to the strong connections he made with their underlings. He would talk with them personally, hear their concerns, avoid commotions and forward all the important information directly to the king. As stated above, he doesn’t approve of his VI brother’s lifestyle, so every time he would cross the line, the prince would play the biggest pranks or disturb his ‘Don Juan’ advances. Note:he will most certainly fall in love with a commoner :>

VIII - [Age: 30] The adventurer & bounty-hunter. Probably the prince with the most ‘exotic’ profession. He graduated from his naval academy with 5 stars, but working with the fleet had too many rules and limitations…and he wanted feel like he made a difference. More of an action-man than a strategist, he would frequently risk his life trying to hit the core of the problem instead of working around it. That’s when he realized that he would be happier sailing to wherever he saw fit, with his own set of rules, tracking down & hunting problematic fellows that disturbed the balance of their kingdom. After some voyages, he would meet his VII, II and IV brothers and tell them all of his adventures (I get the feeling that he must love to tell stories). 

IX - [Age: 27] The vet. He’s like a male version of Snow White, the perfect gender-bending of a Disney princess: he seems to attract all types of animals, and has a very melodic voice. At a very young age, he demonstrated his affinity towards his pets; they were his constant company, pushing the loneliness away. Once Hans was given his first horse, Sitron, he would sometimes teach his brother tricks and tell him how he should take care of him (he even healed him when he was sick). Years later, he would state that he wanted to be a vet, but his III brother wouldn’t allow it (having bounty-hunter in the family was scandalous enough). After much discussion, the only way for him to follow his dream was: if he studied to be a doctor, his brother would allow him to expand his knowledge and take a specialization in animal care. Displeased but determined to follow his dream, he sailed away for several years and completed both courses with distinction. Note: He’s one of the few brothers who didn’t have a naval career.

X & XI - [Age: 26] The naval-twins. These brothers were partners-in-crime since…well, forever. They always had each other, so solitude never really hit them hard (just the knowledge of not being truly needed in the kingdom). Both enjoyed the naval life, so they stayed with their III brother for co-managing the royal fleet. They are both very mischievous, but their personalities are very different. One is more daring and smug, and the other humorous and gentle. They were two of the brothers who ignored Hans in the past, not because they didn’t like him, but simply because they loved to tease him (tricksters as they were…but being fair, I think they tricked all of their brothers). They had a bit of jealousy towards his strong relationship with their mother, and thus decided to pick on him more. The three youngsters are very alike, a similarity that Hans would gladly go without.

XII - [Age: 24] The musician & composer. Without a doubt, the GRUMPIEST of all brothers. He was the second prince to avoid going to the naval academy (rather unorthodox for a country surrounded by water and ships) because his main concern was music. Trying to avoid a tantrum from his III brother, much like the one that occurred with the IX prince (and aware of the difficulties of his youngest kin), he allowed it (much to the III son’s dismay). Unlike all his brothers, this prince fought solitude with notes, music sheets, practice and composition. Hans would try to talk to him or get closer…but to no avail, because he embraced the solitude as a gift, not a curse. Solitude made him better, improved his skill, and made him one of the most promising young musicians of his time. He was the third brother who ignored Hans for 2 years, but I assume that the only interaction that they got after that were casual mutual compliments. He enjoys the sound of birds chirping and some opera singers, finding them to be the most melodic natural sounds in existence.

XIII - [Age: 23] The unlucky son. So let’s summarize: he didn’t notice the first son’s advances to make him feel loved; all the other older brothers were too busy with their own affairs/dreams to pay attention to him; the vet was one of the only brothers who he actually spent a bit of time and bonded with, but due to the III son’s request he had to leave overseas for too long; the twins made his life a living hell when they were kids (and probably teased him when he was a teenager) and the musician never actually cared/wanted to spend time with him (or any of the other brothers, to be honest). His mother loved him greatly, but her health was very fragile, and when he was 10 she passed away, leaving him completely alone (which ultimately froze his heart and changed his personality).

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